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Black Market brings back the pre-2019 version of its testosterone boosting pre-workout

Black Market Bulk Original

Fans of the original underground supplement company Black Market may remember back in 2019, the brand reformulated its original testosterone boosting pre-workout Bulk, referring to it as Bulk 2.0. Black Market actually reformulated the product twice that year, once in April, then a few months later in October for Bulk 2.1, with another handful of tweaks and changes, including the removal of yohimbine and glycerol.

For 2022, many years after the debut of those reformulated Bulk pre-workouts and after receiving requests from customers, Black Market has decided to bring back the version of the supplement that came before those two. The underground brand is simply calling the product Bulk Original, and it is the one that has all of its main ingredients wrapped in a non-transparent blend, as pictured below.

Black Market Bulk Original Label

You can see the facts panel for the returning Black Market Bulk in the image above, and it does share a good amount of ingredients with the more recent Bulk, but again, they’re all wrapped in a proprietary blend. That blend is a 9.24g combination of beta-alanine, creatine monohydrate, d-aspartic acid, betaine, agmatine, bitter orange, betaine, velvet bean, and caffeine, which is listed with a dose of 300mg.

Fans can now get their hands on Black Market’s pre-2019 version of the testosterone boosting Bulk pre-workout directly through the brand’s online store at $49.99, the same price as its Stim, Tone, Fit, and Cuts pre-workouts. A full-size tub of Bulk Original has the usual 30 servings, and it’s back with three flavors to choose from, in Strawberry Lemonade, Sour Gummy, and a classic Blue Razz.