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Finaflex Protein Cream Cake Review: Impressive and realistic cake consistency

Finaflex Protein Cream Cake Review

Protein Cream Cake is the latest protein snack from Finaflex, previously known for its sports nutrition supplements, although that changed with its original Oatmeal Protein Pie. Protein Cream Cake is similar to the brand’s oatmeal treat in terms of build, featuring a cream between top and bottom layers, with the key difference being Cream Cake has smooth and moist cakes on either side of its creamy center.

The nutrition profile of Finaflex’s Protein Cream Cake isn’t as lean as your traditional protein bar, packing a moderate 14g of protein alongside 21g of carbohydrates, 11g of that sugar, 19g of fat, and 300 calories. The upside is those macros come in the form of a unique protein snack format, unlike anything else out there, so of course, being fans of creative, functional foods, we had to get our hands on it for review.


Finaflex Protein Cream Cake Review

When it comes to protein snacks, particularly the ones that name themselves after a popular food, the difficult part is getting the experience close to what people are familiar with. In this case, Finaflex’s Protein Cream Cake is looking for that spongey, moist, and soft cake consistency, and for the first flavor of the product, the brand has paired the creative format with a Chocolate Cake taste.

In the area of cakey consistency, Finaflex does an incredible job at really making the Protein Cream Cake feel like a small bar-sized cake. The two pieces of cake surrounding the creamy layer are smooth, crumbly, and moist, giving you everything you need for a convincing cake experience. It also has a light chocolate taste and chunky chocolate chips that further moisten the cake when you hit one.

Finaflex Protein Cream Cake Review

While the consistency of Protein Cream Cake is on point, the flavor of it we feel could be improved. It doesn’t have the sweet, rich, or full chocolate taste we’d expect to complement the moist cakes; it’s more of a hint of chocolate. Fortunately, the crumbly cakes are there to save the Finaflex snack, but with a more powerful flavor that matches its density, the Protein Cream Cake would be unmatched.


We’ve had a lot of cake-style protein snacks over the years, and only a few have been able to communicate that cakey consistency; however, none of them have been able to squeeze in as much as 14g of protein. Finaflex’s Protein Cream Cake is an impressive effort, and one that we can only imagine will get better if it proves successful and the brand expands its menu like it did the Oatmeal Protein Pie.