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Finaflex promises a more hardcore experience in its next version of Stimul8

finaflex teases stimul8 hardcore

Finaflex’s flagship stimulant pre-workout Stimul8 has changed a lot over the years, with different formulas and versions including Stimul8 Loaded, Stimul8 Dynamite, and of course, the original. The brand is now teasing another edition of the supplement, and while we don’t have any specific details on what’s in it, there is a brief description and image that gives us an idea.

The next all-new version of Stimul8 appears to be called Stimul8 Hardcore, which Finaflex describes as a more hardcore experience. The most recent edition of the pre-workout, Stimul8 Dynamite, wasn’t all that loaded, featuring a light, 1.9g non-transparent blend of beta-alanine, caffeine, theanine, green tea, Vaso6, Dynamine, gbbGO, TeaCrine, and alpha yohimbine.

Knowing the formula behind the 2019 released Stimul8 Dynamite, we’re fairly confident in Finaflex’s ability to indeed deliver an experience that’s more hardcore, at least compared to Stimul8 Dynamite. The brand is making it sound like Stimul8 Hardcore will be here soon, so if you’re a Finaflex fan and interested in more information, definitely stay tuned here at Stack3d.

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