Greg Doucette’s supplement debut FibrO sells through its initial run of 1,200

May 26th, 2021
greg doucette fibro

Hugely popular fitness influencer and personality Greg Doucette has followed through on his promise of launching a line of supplements, which kicked off earlier today with FibrO. The product isn’t overly complex; in fact, it’s more of a food supplement for things like smoothies, shakes, and baking, with a bulk tub of the prebiotic fiber and sweetener isomaltooligosaccharide or IMO for short.

Greg Doucette’s first-ever supplement is named FibrO, available in a traditional 2lb tub size, and being a bulk powder, it has how ever many servings you’d like to divide it up into. In an 8g serving of the product, you simply get 8g of IMO powder, providing 8g of carbohydrates and a low calorie count of 18, which you can scale up for occasions that require more than the regular 8g serving size.

To start, Greg Doucette only made 1,200 units of FibrO, and put them up for pre-sale at $24.99 per tub or 50% off on your fourth, working out to $87.47 for the lot or $21.86 each. Not too surprisingly, Doucette sold through that first run not too long after it was made available to his email subscribers. Those pre-orders will ship soon with a FibrO restock planned for the next four to ten weeks.

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