Skinny Food triples its Chocaholic Snack Pot menu with another two flavors

Mar 26th, 2021
skinny food chocaholic snack pot new flavors

The Skinny Food Co’s Chocaholic Snack Pot is a nostalgic take on the brand’s delicious, low-sugar chocolate spread that comes with a pot of Chocaholic and a handful of miniature breadsticks. The idea is you dip the sticks in the spread, treating it more like a chocolate sauce, but as mentioned, the product has low-calorie macros thanks to the Chocaholic spread.

Since introducing Chocaholic Snack Pot, The Skinny Food Co has only offered it in one flavor with Chocolate Hazelnut. Not too surprisingly, with the recent surge in new flavors for the regular Chocaholic spread, the brand has also decided to expand its Snack Pot menu. Now available for the fun low-sugar treat are two more options in Milk Chocolate and Orange Chocolate.

Neither of The Skinny Food Co’s Chocaholic Snack Pot flavors is available on its own website just yet, but you can find them at the UK discount chain store, Home Bargains, and at a deal. Currently, you can grab the Milk Chocolate and Orange Chocolate Snack Pots at Home Bargains for £1 (1.38 USD) for three packs.