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Introducing Check My Label for compliance and regulatory advice in the UK

check my label supplement regulatory company

Check My Label is a relatively new regulatory company from the South of England, that came together to help supplement brands understand regulations in the UK. It specializes in the legal side of product labels to ensure complete compliance within the region, although it does offer several other relevant services.

The team at Check My Label also provides advice regarding the creation of compliant text and images in online marketing materials, guidance on EFSA health claim regulations, and essentially anything else related to supplements and compliance in the UK.

Check My Label is a relatively convenient service for any supplement companies looking to take on the increasingly competitive and growing market in the UK. It’s a great option for brands starting up within the region as well as international brands to ensure they’re completely legal and compliant when hitting shelves.

For more information on Check My Label and what it has to offer, visit its website at, where you’ll also find a contact page to reach out if you’re interested in working with the team.

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